These 5 Best PC Video Editing Applications

These 5 Best PC Video Editing Applications

In the last few years, a lot of content marketing, which is usually based on images and articles, has entered into videos.

In 2005, YouTube took the online stage and made it easy for people and businesses to share videos en masse.

For good videos, you definitely need editing tools that suit your needs. This time, CNBC Indonesia has reviewed the top 5 video-to-PC programs for beginners.

Windows Movie Maker

A native Windows application for editing videos on a PC, Windows Movie Maker can be the fastest pillar. Of course, only Windows PC users can use and use this video editing application.

Windows exclusively creates special software for users who want to edit lightweight videos, but with creativity and user experience, they can make videos that are cool and good, even though it takes longer.


Similar to Windows Movie Maker, iMovie is a direct movie editor and program specifically designed for use on Mac OS.

This software is equipped with advanced features to add background music to the user’s video clips. Since its inception, iMovie has undergone many changes which add to the benefits of various effects. With this unique feature, users can use effects to enhance user videos anywhere.

iMovie is often available on Mac OS, but can also be purchased for free from the App Store. Some features in iMovie: download clips, choose effects, previous effects, apply effects to clips, save and share advanced clips.

Peak Studio

Beginners will like this software because the price is affordable and the facilities are quite complete. This PC video editing application is really for beginners but already has basic video editing.

Users can edit videos even when learning to edit videos. Where they can hone their video editing creativity with Pinnacle Studio. The quality presented by Pinnacle Studio is quite good and not bad either.

Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is a video and audio editing software originally released by Sonic Foundry, but has now been taken over by Sony Creative Software. This device might not be as popular as compared to Adobe Primary or Adobe After Effect. Adobe Video Editing Software has many plugins and really cool features.

Sony Vegas Pro is a non-linear (NLE) video editing system. Nonlinear editing is a method that allows users to easily arrange each frame as a digital video clip.

Users can also freely access any frame in this non-linear editing. Users of NLE software have many conveniences. Instead of linear devices that can be difficult to use.

This software is very easy to use for movie editors. Everything will be easier and the work will not be difficult. For example, the features provided by Sony Vegas Pro are several songs. Where users can adjust the placement or placement of videos and audio clips.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Without releasing photo editing software, Adobe also offers a video editing program for PCs called Adobe Premiere Pro. In this application, Adobe offers convenience and a variety of features to support good video editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro is specifically designed for effective video editing and is equipped with many cool features. Developing multi-camera editing options allows users to only take clips, regardless of the number of cameras used to make films. Users can also add certain effects and filters when playing videos.

You can also import Adobe Premiere Pro project data into Adobe After Effects to add video editing experience to users.

It’s no secret that Adobe is truly an expert in photo or video editing software. In fact, Adobe Premiere Pro might be a video editing tool commonly used by professionals.