When It’s Time to Move From Shared Hosting to a Dedicated Server

When It's Time to Move From Shared Hosting to a Dedicated Server

Many websites are hosted by shared hosting sites when they are first created, allowing individuals to have quality web hosting at low prices. This allows individuals to slowly develop their website without having to pay a lot of money to have a hosted site. It’s very important to start a business, because a business might not see profits for the first six months to one year after the business has started. So how do people or companies know when it’s time for their website to move from shared hosting to a dedicated server? There are several indications that can remind the individual when this step might be needed.

Moving to a dedicated server is the next logical step from creating a website hosted by a shared hosting environment. Having information on a dedicated server gives individuals total control over their site and allows them the freedom to expand their site as fast as they want. At any time during your particular server hosting, it is possible to add more bandwidth, memory and increase processor speed. This also reduces the possibility that the server will slow down or freeze due to actions from other people’s websites. With shared hosting, there are often many different websites, sometimes hundreds, that are hosted on the same server. If one of these sites starts to need additional bandwidth, then all sites hosted by a particular server will start running more slowly or may even freeze due to unexpected pressure on the server. Although a shared hosting environment is cheaper, if reliability is needed, individuals will be better off and recommended to move to a dedicated server.

Moving from shared hosting to a dedicated server will also allow individuals to install software and hardware that should be limited by shared hosting sites because of concerns about security and additional hosting costs. While some hosting providers will allow you to switch operating systems, this is generally not recommended. Included in this list is additional memory that will be needed to help grow your website. Moving a form of shared hosting to a dedicated server also allows the website to run more calculations and more processes at the same time without having to worry about the server breaking down. If a website suddenly increases in popularity, there is little chance the site will run slowly or not run at all because of the increasing number of people who use the site. It is always advisable to choose only the options that are needed on a dedicated server that is reliable. Many provider companies also offer special server packages that are fully customizable or build your own dedicated server, consequently you only pay for the features used. There are a number of web hosting companies available that will allow you to use a dedicated server for a nominal fee and this is probably just the best business step you can take.